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FELIXX Premium 3D Glass Full Cover for iPhone 13 Pro Max

FELIXX Premium 3D Glass Full Cover for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Ultra-thin and extremely robust high-tech real glass with maximum transparency (Ultra HD) I Reliable protection against knocks and bumps I Maximum scratch protection (1OH) I Suitable for protective covers I Anti-fingerprint coating l Rounded edges I Easy, bubble-free application thanks to the Easy-On mounting frame

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The felixx Premium® 3D armored glass from  realglass is the best protection for the display of a smartphone.

The developed in Germany Protective glass covers the maximum width and height of the smartphone display and has a black border.

In this way, not only the active display, but also the edges that are particularly susceptible to breakage can be covered and protected.


  • Full-surface display coverage, especially the edges that are prone to breakage

The 3D or full cover armored glass not only covers the active ("backlit") display, but the entire display.

On smartphones with rounded displays, the 3D protective glasses also protect the curved part of the display (e.g Samsung , some Xiaomi Mi models).

  • Full cover screen protector with rounded edges – “Resin Edge” quality

All 3D bulletproof glasses have a hardness of 10H and are therefore scratch, break and impact resistant than comparable branded products.

The edges, the zone of the smartphone and protective glass that is most susceptible to breakage and impact, are specially hardened, polished several times and rounded off and finished with a shock-absorbing edge.

  • Simple & bubble-free installation with the EASY-ON® Eco mounting frame

With the  EASY-ON® Eco mounting frame and the associated video tutorial, the installation of a full cover protective glass is extremely quick, easy and precise.

The result is worth seeing: no crooked placement of the screen protector on the display, no covered openings for loudspeakers or microphones and certainly no bubbles under the protective glass.

  • Compatible with protective cases thanks to "Contour designed in Germany"

The felixx Premium® 3D full cover protective glass is manufactured to the contour with an accuracy of 5/100 mm and fits your smartphone perfectly. This means that all standard protective covers and cases can be used with the tempered glass film.

  • Anti-fingerprint coating - for smooth smartphone use

The top layer of our 4-layer technology is a high-tech plasma coating. Thanks to the long-lasting oleophobic effect, this coating effectively repels fingerprints.

In addition, the anti-fingerprint coating guarantees a soft scrolling experience. The display has more brilliant colors, stays clean for longer and therefore needs to be cleaned less often.

  • High-tech splinter protection reliably protects against glass splinters

The integrated anti-shatter film from Felixx® ensures maximum safety - even if the bulletproof glass breaks.

Due to the composite material of the second layer in the protective glass, it will splinter in the event of a fall, but it will not disintegrate - the cube-shaped fracture structure is also characteristic of safety glass. This effect is known from safety panes in the automotive industry.

  • High-performance adhesive - for guaranteed secure adhesion

The high-performance silicone is adapted to all display coatings from various manufacturers and ensures reliable adhesion and a crystal-clear look.

At the same time, the high-performance adhesive allows the protective glass to be repositioned during assembly and removed in one piece without leaving any residue – even when it is splintered.

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