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FELIXX Premium Super Charger ALL IN ONE

FELIXX Premium Super Charger ALL IN ONE

Power bank, Qi charger and USB power supply in one device!
The felixx Premium Super Charger is the ideal travel companion so that your device does not run out of breath when you are out and about goes out. Never again empty batteries!

More deets:

Inside the robust housing there is a 6.700mAh lithium battery that transfers its energy to the connected device at the push of a button. Smartphones, tablets, sound boxes, ActionCams and many other devices can be recharged on the go and without a power connection.

Simply place your Qi-enabled smartphone on the charging surface and the charging process will start automatically. 

Fast charging - With the two 2.4A fast USB sockets, the 3A USB type C socket and the 5W Qi charging pad, your smartphones and tablets are recharged at top speed.




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FELIXX Premium Super Charger ALL IN ONE
Power bank, Qi charger and power supply in one device!

Input (EU): AC 90-240V 50 / 60Hz 0.5A
USB Type-C input: 5V / 3A (15W)
Output 2xUSB (green): 5V / 2.4A
Battery capacity: 6700mAh
Qi wireless output: 5W
Dimensions: 80x80x29mm
Weight: 232g

Additional Information


felixx Premium, Universal


for smartphones and devices with Qi wireless charge function

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